My Story

At 19 years old, Ottawa native Sarah Scriver is turning heads and winning over hearts of all ages. Her sophomore EP "Mind over Matter" demonstrates not only Sarah's wide vocal range, guitar and piano playing skills, but also her incredibly mature song writing abilities. 

As a survivor of head trauma and mental illness all endured from extreme bullying, along with recent hearing loss, Sarah has become a beacon of hope and an advocate for not only troubled teens, but anyone who has been through these extreme hardships. "The human body goes through 5 stages of grief after a trauma: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and hope. Mind Over Matter is a mantra I've lived by since I was a little girl" explains Scriver. "From the denial in Hushed, the anger in Flare, the bargaining in The Story Of Us, the depression in Karma's Gonna Get You, to the hope in House Of Cards" this EP is for anyone going through this cycle".